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Default Kinixys (lobatsiana, spekii, erosa) and red foots

Due to being messed around by a few people I still have my kinixys for sale.
So I have 1.1 erosa, 1.2 spekii and 1.1 lobatsiana. The erosa are full adults, female has laid infertile eggs before. Female is of Ghanan origin, I've had her for about four years, male has been in the UK for around 15 years and having made various inquiries to in-situ people I'm pretty certain he's from the Benin-Togo area originally.
Spekii are about two years LTC and are pretty healthy. Eat well and haven't had any problems. About 4-5 inches SCL so sub-adults.
The lobatsiana are truly fantastic animals, and surprisingly for a species with a bad reputation these guys eat nearly anything. The male is a full adult, female sub-adult. I've had them 3 years and they've truly been a pleasure to look after; amazing, unique tortoises that are actually quite outgoing.
Only reason I'm selling is university next year and I'd prefer if they were gone by Easter so that they can be properly attended to during my summer exams. Would prefer if they go to someone with hingebacks currently.
Based between Bath and Salisbury. Obviously Britain is easier to get them to but I can get them couriered to the Hamm show in March.

Also have 1.2 red foots, smallest is about 6 inches SCL, largest about 10-11, middle one about 8-9. Had them for a long time and like the hingebacks I'll want to see photos of set ups.
2.2 Red Foots
1.0 Golden Retriever
1.1 Lop-eared rabbits
1.2 Serrated/Forest Hingebacks
Snails-Achatina Fulica 'Jadatzi', Limicolaria Flammea, Limicolaria Numidica, Archachatina marginata suturalis,
Achatina Tincta

Jadatzi GALS for sale:
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