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Default Please sex my Iberas

Hi my tortoises are still quite young but after looking at these posts I just have to know their gender! I don't seem to be able to post pictures at the moment so I will try again tomorrow

So this is dude and I think he is male

And this is Daisy who we hope is female


1.0.0 Child
2.2.1 Hermanns
0.0.2 Iberas-Dude & Daisy

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I would say both girlies... bottom one is top one could be the angle taken but still say girlies till real experts come on ! CB
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I would say bothe female

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Second is definitely a female.
What size are the tortoises, as age does not come into sexing them:0)
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I would agree on the second definitely being a girl, but I'm not so sure with the first. As Sandy says what's the length of this tortoise? I've had a few catch me out that I thought was female and they turned out to be male. My gut is telling me a male though.
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