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I'm just glad to hear you guys do spray and soak or use some sort of hydration method, because it fits the principal of how all torts grow. Phewwwwweeee.
Obviously species that come from rainforest will require higher humidity etc, but the principal is the same.
In nature when foliage is in abundance it's natural for there to be wet and humidity with it, hence the tort gets good nutritional foods and grows whilst it's humid and wet. Then the opposite is when it's very hot and arid, barren, not much nutritional foods, the torts slow up and don't grow during these drier periods, some even aestivate.
So in captivity we give them plenty of food year round, with this must be hydration of some sort.
Redfoots will gorge on fallen fruits in the wild, they've been observed sitting close by waiting for fruit trees to release the feast, these are high in nutrients and promote growth, however the fruit trees will only blossom and drop fruits during wet seasons.
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