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burnt toast
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Default Hello

Very quiet on here. How are you? Your torts?

After a gorgeous June, July has been a wash out. Hoping for some better weather soon. Hope you are all OK.
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Still around and waiting for the weather to cheer up a bit hopefully for August. Less tortoises these days but more manageable and all seem well.
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All good here. Had a rejig of the garden this summer and am very pleased with it. Since then it’s done nothing but rain though.
That said, the cooler weather is preferable for me personally. Had a terrible month of lower lumber disc pain and crippling sciatica so can’t go lugging the torts in and out anyway so the rain has suited all round. Got a meeting for long-term pain management coming up in just over a week.
Torts are all well and have been well looked after my my daughter and husband on days when I have no mobility. Daughter car shares with hubby 4 times a week so she’s been coming over around 6:30am to do the torts before they leave at 7am, which has been an enormous help.

Must say, couldn’t have coped with the temps in Europe this month. All those wildfires made me think of the torts in their natural habitats.

Hope everyone is well.

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