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Default Quiz for March 20th

This is a 'not so obvious' quiz. Things are not so easy as they first appear

1.From which country did French horns originate? Germany
2.What mineral is an Alaskan diamond? Quartz
3.The Portuguese Man o' War (a sea-dwelling jellyfish-like invertebrate) alludes to a warship design devised in which country? England
4.In the story of Cinderella (the French medieval version, which gave us the modern Western version) what were Cinderella's slippers made from? Squirrel Fur
5.What is the main ingredient of a mince pie? Fruit
6.From what type of creature is Bombay duck made? Fish
7.What colour is orange blossom? White
8.According to the Bible how many (of each) sheep, cows and goats were taken onto Noah's Ark? Seven or Fourteen
9.Where did Panama hats originate? Ecuador
10.What type of animal inspired the creation of Bugs Bunny, Brer Rabbit, and the Easter Bunny? Hare
11.Where did tulips come from originally - specifically what (past) capital city and country exported the first tulips? Istanbul , Turkey
12.What type of building is a picture palace? Cinema
13.What is the main fruit ingredient of the traditional (orange) Jaffa Cake biscuit?Apricot
14.What type of creature is a prairie dog?Rodent
15.What meat is hamburger made from? Beef
16.How many people were in the band The Thompson Twins? Three
17.What type of alcoholic drink is barley wine? Beer
18.What is lava bread? Seaweed
19.What is the main ingredient of the dish Welsh Rabbit? Cheese
20.What colour is the black box on a plane? Orange

1st Place EthelandEdna
2nd WriterNick
3rd Pussygalore
4th Caledonia

Well done everyone and thanks for entering!

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