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Nice to see their top sides lol, little cuties, 2 of them do look very flat, but that might be the photos they will be fine living together for a few years, but I'm afraid if you do have 2 boys and 1 girly, they will all need to live separately when they come into maturity, in my experience male horsfields can't live together as they may fight and they can be very aggressive, and the female will need to live on her own as the males will constantly harass her which will cause her stress. But wait and see they may all turn out female yet, you have a few years to go yet x

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Aw, cute little torts You mentioned about their shells in your first post - trust me most of us have seen a lot worse They are looking a bit flat, but hopefully with proper care this will not be so noticeable in a few years when they are bigger.

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