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Hi Colin....this guy is really Kelly says....when I spoke to you at weekend I thought you said hearing....if he is only 682g then I guess if he isnt eating by now a good tortoise vet is in female is 1654g and 7 half inches...I still think she is a little light....but she is a once a day eater and doesnt graze a lot...she is totally blind...

Keep up the bath and make a decsion if he aint eating yet....
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I really hope your tortoise improves, I am pretty new to tortoise keeping but maybe keeping the temps up in tortoise table and a mega ray lamp (they are the best Thank you Darren ) and like Helen plenty of baths if he has been used to them.And try any food that you think he might eat even if it is not PC. Is Reptiboost any good saw it on Darren's website I was tempted to get some to put in the cupboard just in case. If he was not kept properly in the past maybe he needs weaning off a diet onto a better one, hence the non PC food. Maybe the key is to find what he likes not what he should be eating.I know they should eat weeds weeds and weeds, but anything would be good, if he starts eating then he can be introduced to what he should be eating.

I really hope your lovely tortoise starts to eat and feels better.

Anna x
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Thanks for your replies everyone. I am going to flood him with all sorts of foods to see what he will eat. As said, anything is better than nothing. I will give him a big plate of all sorts - weeds, veg, fruit, pellets - to see what he will take. And dont pounce on me for mentioning fruit & pellets please!!! hehe
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