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Default Kiniyxs spekii

I havn't posted here since I was looking for a male spekii back in 2011. I never found one, but of the three i had the larger two were male and female and the smaller is a female. So i have kept this species now for quite a few years and i reckon they don't stress that easily! In fact, i keep them in a largish greenhouse with other species and they cope fine. They run straight up to me when i open the door from wherever they are hiding to see what i have brought, usually slugs and snails. They stay outside from may to October then go into an indoor dim terrarium. I give water but feed them little all winter. From about April i take them out in the day and bring them in each night. Two years ago, the first eggs - infertile. Last year four eggs, two from each female. I broke one whilst trying to locate where they had been laid but now one is hatching and hopefully the other two are a couple of weeks behind. They are once again feeding madly and the male is courting once again. They are really active and voracious killers of anything that moves! I will put up some photos when i can remember how to do it. I know of no one else with spekii in the uk. If anyone had them i would be interested in their experiences.

Just noticed a typo in the title, xys not yxs!

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