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Originally Posted by steve56616 View Post
Thank you Sandy, I was sure you would be able to advise me.
So you think a bit more than 8 weeks? They are a good weight and very healthy. Do you suggest I a cooler room and decreasing the light times or just temp? Also no food for the 3 weeks I assume?
My adults do it all by themselves as outside all spring, summer and autumn. When they start to bury I then use fridge method. Thanks again for your help
The first week normal heat and light, NO FOOD but bathe.
Second week reduce heat and light one hour at the end of each day, NO FOOD, but bathe.
Third week reduce heat and light to nothing and by then they should be really sleepy, This should be done in a coldish room:0)
But eight weeks should be the minimum, if they dont lose weight then another two weeks. Always monitor closely, as when they are small things happen more quickly. They can lose 10% over all the hibernation, so at any time (with your head not your heart) are not happy just get them up:0)
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Thank again for the advice
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