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I'm sorry to hear about the poor wee cat.

My Zara, a black DLH, is epileptic too. She has one 15mg dose of phenobarbital a day and it stops all seizures, thank goodness. If we miss a dose, she has petit mal ones, and freaks out a bit in between them. You can see a huge difference in her behaviour: she sort of has a mad few seconds, gets scratchy and irritable with people, freezes, and then goes on with her day. Which basically means: don't miss a dose. Her grand mal seizures have body stiffness mixed with traditional "fitting" episodes, and foaming at the mouth. Like Splodge, she is very affectionate after. Thankfully, it's been a couple of years since she last had a grand mal seizure.

She was diagnosed with epilepsy at around 2 years, and she's just passed her 6th birthday now.
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I once had a collie who has seizures from the age at 6 months. Not they began quite mild and would be quite quick although it was tricky taking Bess out as I never knew when these seizures would happen. At first they were easy to control but as the years progressed they became longer and more damaging. Although she was on very strong medication and I was advised of the risks ( dogs with epilepsy can become aggressive because of the fear they feel) I did not feel in anyway I could end her life. One night she had a massive seizure and died, in my arms, as a result of a heart attack. X x x x hugs x x x although pets can give so much pleasure and happy memories, their passing can leave a scar on your heart x x x xhugs x x x
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