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Smile Hi its me tortoiseguy

Hey everyone im new to shelled warriors. I just got a russian/horsefields tortoise from my local pet store. He was rather shy at first when i put him in his enclosure he ate and then went in his hut and didnt come out for about a day and a half or so. But i woke up this morning and put some fresh greens in his dish and put him next to it. But he decided to go sit under the heat lamp then he went back in his hut for a bit, then came back out and ate and went under the lamp. Hes been enjoying his new enclosure he is adjusting really fast.
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sounds ok to me tortoise guy. Careful on 'greens' if that's the true greens as in spring, cabage etc. peas and things like greens have a bit much protein in than they should have. stick to good old weeds if can and lots of options on the tortoise table database on line. keep us posted and welcome TG and rusky. CB
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Welcome to the forum.
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Hello and welcome

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Jan W
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They are so shy with any changes and take a while to settle.

Be lovely to see a picture.

Are you an experienced tort owner?

Do you need any advice?
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Hi and welcome

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