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I use more pre alpin at this time of year with the additions of weeds and flowers, dried summer flowers (that I did and kept) with the additions of a small amount of florette. The tropicals get the fruit as well. All foods have calcium carbonate added and nutrobal twice a week. hope this helps
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Originally Posted by BirdieF18 View Post
Romaine Lettuce with a fruit and a veg plus calcium powder on top every day is this too much fruit
Fruit is not good for them, only give as a treat.

Do you use any calcium or supplement like Nutrobal?

If your really finding it hard to find weeds, use the florette with Pre Alpin mixed in and a few pellets if you don't mind the idea of feeding them.

Hope this helps xx
Lynne x
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My indoor tortoises get Mazuri(US) pellets exclusively. The tortoises that are kept outdoors have access to whatever they can pick up in the yard such as grasses, weeds... in addition to the Mazuri(US).
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I feed my horsefields, fresh weeds and flowers in summer and what weeds i can find in winter with romaine, raddichio, lollo rosso, water cress, herb, babyleaf, wild rocket, greens (occasionally) grated carrot (occasionally) cucumber (occasionally) butternut squash (occasionally) with dried weeds and flowers, sprinkle of nutrobol or calcium powder on alternate days, and cucumber flavoured pellets (occasionally) they are bright eyed and active so this seems to be ok for them x

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