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Could the dandelions be sprayed with weed killer ?

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Originally Posted by Liamtw2 View Post
I've had my herman tortoise (Donatello) since she was about 5 months.....

Why has this happened? Or does it just happen to the best of us sometimes
I believe it is just that - sometimes it just happens to the best of us...despite all our care and love. I have taken in sick and well tortoises over the years and most who have passed away I have known why, a background to help understand or an inkling and there is some closure. One very recent one passed as I say and not a clue. Just died. Pneumonia can be a silent killer as well as obvious indicator, wouldn't be weed killer. It is the not knowing and whether you could have prevented it or did enough....that hurts more I think.
Worth a consideration for a RIP section maybe. Must happen to lots of people.
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death, diet, herman's tortoise

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