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I would choose hermanns but I am biased
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I pay about 7 a bag and use a bag and a half a month

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Originally Posted by Eremiel View Post
i use tortoise life and spray it was water if it gets a bit to dry but mine love it and its easy to use
So do I - as above, I like the Pro-rep texture and it's clean. I mix it with Readi Grass which is nice for bedding.

I have a cactus in there but he just climbs it, doesnt eat it.

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if I use topsoil/sand as substrate how often do I need to change it?
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I've mainly seen 50% sand 50% topsoil recommended, but is that for outside enclosure which would get rained on and so need a sandier composition to help them drain? I had assumed I'd need the 50/50 mix indoors as well but sounds like that's not the case.

Do they not eat readigrass?
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what is tortoise life?
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I've just started using it and I'm really pleased
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I use tortoise lif too, shop around for the best prices, it is cheaper to buy the 25kg bag if you can store it. I am also using it in the small clear food trays to grow weeds in for grazing with great success
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bedding, indoor enclosure, substrate, top soil

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