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i find it strange that the op has not been back on this post ???
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The Norfolk breeder (Barbara) works with both T.h.boettgeri and T.h.hermanni. She sold some of last years hatchling T.h.hermanni earlier this year on the forum.

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Ozric Jonathan
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Thanks Danny for clarifying that. Another breeder (Ted) who is down that way is listed in various places as breeding with Hermanns. These turn out to be (lovely) Boetgeri not Hermanni Hermanni.
Testudo Hermanni Hermanni (Corse) tortoises
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Ted is off to sort the drainage in the lower field
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Originally Posted by Ozric Jonathan View Post
Hi folks. It is correct that true Hermanni Hermanni tortoises that have been captive bred in the UK are rarely offered for sale. In some cases people have found after purchase that the animal is not hermanni hermanni or not a 'true' one.

Yes the hermanni hermanni is a smaller tortoise than the Boetgeri. About two thirds of the size of the Boetgeri perhaps. But I don't think the size is likely to be a factor for several years if our poster is starting with a yearling tortoise.

So unless you are really stuck on the hermanni hermanni subspecies then it might be a lot easier to go for a Boetgeri because these are more readily available and you have a much better chance of finding a breeder local to you. These are also lovely tortoises and in most respects not very much different at all from the hermanni hermanni.

I started out with hermanni hermanni really through chance and when I wanted more tortoises I felt for me it was best to stick to one type. It was very difficult to find any and whne I did it was after a long period of looking and asking. In the end I went to France to get them.

I might be mistaken but I think that the Norfolk breeder mentioned at the top is working with Boetgerri not Hermanni hermanni.
Hi Jonathan
Is going to France to get a breeding pair of thh still possible? What would be the process?
If there are options closer to home that you know of, please do let me know.
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