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Default CITES Article 10 clarification

Hi new member here seeking clarity re CITES A10.
I am interested in buying a Hermnann's tortoise which is listed as A II.
The seller is a private captive breeder but apparently has no CITES paperwork?

Do I only require A10 for future actions ie commercial breeding or export? Or shall I avoid this person at all costs?

FYI I am a UK expat living in Switzerland and finding it extremely difficult to find a breeder.

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Jan W
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I am replying so that your post appears in today's messages, as I only saw this today 18th.

Sorry I dont know enough about this topic.
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I don't know about Swiss regulation on this but you might find some contacts for certs info here..

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Ozric Jonathan
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Jimmy there are a lot of tortoise breeders in Germany and some of them might not be far away.

I suggest caution to say the least in dealing with a private breeder who is selling Hermanns without providing proof of a certificate.

In the UK it's definitely not legal to sell a Hermann without proof that there is a certificate. The seller doesn't hand over the certificate to the buyer but must show that there is one.

It seems doubtful that the situation would be a lot different in Switzerland.
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