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Default Kinixys Habitat and The Effect of Deforestation and Hunting

Too many pics to upload so I'll provide a link.
Truly tragic what is happening there. Virunga National Park being oil drilled won't help either. As there aren't many pics of their habitat around, it is worrying to see how something so beautiful can be destroyed so easily.
2.2 Red Foots
1.0 Golden Retriever
1.1 Lop-eared rabbits
1.2 Serrated/Forest Hingebacks
Snails-Achatina Fulica 'Jadatzi', Limicolaria Flammea, Limicolaria Numidica, Archachatina marginata suturalis,
Achatina Tincta

Jadatzi GALS for sale:
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