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isn't she adorable. I think you are single handedly caring and feeding the hedgehog population in your area ! I bet they see you collecting slugs and think all round to your house for tea ! CB
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She is lovely
Row xx
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Jan W
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I am most envious. I haven't seen a hedgehog in years, but I understand that is a good thing as TV programme said they are usually unwell if you see them in the day. Havent seen them at night either though.
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Apparently slugs and snails are not good food for hogs......beetles are better. I have been told that the skins of slugs are very tough and can get stuck in a hogs throat. They also carry lungworms which can be fatal for hogs. Strange isn't it how you are brought up to think one thing only to realise it is totally wrong.
However I am a bit confused with this information as it is now generally believed kitten food to be the best for them..... But then I suspect there isn't a lot of kitten food to be found in the fields X X X. Hugs X X x
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