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Default Unexpected Indian Stars

Hello everyone,

My Aunt's health has recently declined and she has asked me to take on her 2 stars as she only wants family to take them so she can still see them.

It will be the end of next week i pick them up and i'm feeling slightly unprepared and have a million questions (soooorrrry!!!) I did grow up with tortoises but its bee awhile!

I've already read up on diet and i think i have that covered, i also have topsoil covered. I've read that having one end slightly damp and covered with timothy hay would be great for them is this true? Would providing a seed tray with grown lawn grass work?

How much humidity would they require?

My aunt has been keeping a male and female together they are now 5 years old - i plan on separating them as im nowhere near enough experienced to deal with eggs and hatchlings - will they be ok on their own?

I have a table top which is being set up this weekend, what temperature should i keep the room at? And what temp for the basking area?

My intentions are to only do right by the stars so any and all information would be greatly appreciated and any help along the way would be great too! I'm getting so much conflicting advice online so thought i better come ask the owners
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