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They are going to go for the broad leaf weeds before they go for the grasses.

email me at and I'll send you some notes on their care.

There is a decent guide available also...

Originally Posted by kevvy1985 View Post
Hello leopard tortoise owners I was just wondering if your leopards eat grass if so what grass ? IV made my tortoise run on my lawn but put in grass seeds for Timothy grass and every other type of grass sold on the shelled warriors eBay page but my leopard eats non of it he loves the dandlions , plantain , sedums , clover , but never seen him eat the grass ? Just wondered if this was because IV got lots more for him to eat n grass is only if there's nothing else to munch on ?
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cut an area of your lawn short and keep it that way, they are nibblers.
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Thanks will do
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Hi I kept and bred leopards for years and had hundreds of babies what I found in every case if you bring them up in a entirely dry inviorment they will most certainly pyramid bath them twice a day and mist them with a spray frequently . I have now raised aldabras and radiated the same way with no pyramiding what is one of the most important things is exercise one of my female leopards grew to 32 inches and according to her new keepers still growing.
Hope this helps
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