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Default Leopard tortoises (Stigmochelys pardalis) pics and information

Please only post pictures in this thread and:

Any info you know regarding age, size, character etc.

Please do not add any comments to this thread they will be removed, juts add pictures and details of you red footed tortoise only if you have one.


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Here we go!

Jez ('blonde' leopard - approx 16 months at time of picture 115g 65mm)

Ringo (6 weeks at time of picture 24g 38mm)

Penny (6 weeks at time of picture 25g 38mm)

Penny and Ringo (14 weeks at time of picture Ringo 32g Penny 35g)

Jez is a very confident tort who enjoys fuss and attention - he spends a lot of the day sleeping but during the time that he is awake he is very adventurous. He makes it known when he is hungry as he sits on his slate in anticipation. He loves his baths.

Ringo is constantly on the go! he reacts to our voices and looks aware when we come into the room. He spends a lot of his time 'patrolling' his table and is never in one place for very long. He loves to hide and seems to enjoy annoying his sister Penny.

Penny is a very content tortoise and only moves/eats/sleeps when she wants to! She is very tolerant of Ringo even when he pinches her dandelions and nudges her out of the way - she is in no way the weaker of the two as she makes sure that she gets what she wants

Jez was bought from a pet-shop before we knew about this site and it is down to the help and guidance from our friends on here that Jez is still alive!!!

Penny and Ringo are UK Bred and are from the same clutch of eggs.

Here they are all together (7th Jan 2006)

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these are my 2 heathrow leopards, they are approx 3-4 years old.
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This is Fairy she is outgoing and sooo cute !!

This is Wizzard hes a little b***er !!! always trying to escape but hes a love !!!
My totaly gorge heathrow leopards
regards Sharon xx
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scrambled legs
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Default bradley and gwendoline!

well hello there!

up next are my leopards, bradley and gwendoline.

they are almost three years old, both completely different from each other in looks and personality!


bradley is very zen, a minimalistic tortoise. she is relatively calm, she eats small ammounts, but feeds a couple times daily. she really doesn't want to eat any time i put food down, bradley will wait till she's ready. she likes cooler temperatures but will effectivly journey to the warmer side of the tort table for some sunbathing. she likes to be held and will remain stationary although she keeps all limbs out and stares at the world from the view of my hands! she's different every day, sometimes she moves all day and sometimes she'll choose a sheltered place to sleep and spend time awake in. i'm a cautious parent of bradley because i've not completely worked out her character yet. i just have to reemember that she's happy and content but has her own special way of showing it!


where do i start with this this one! gwendoline is a monster! like a vegetarian veloceraptor! sniffing out food hundreds or paces away, she will walk and try to escape wherever she is being kept all day. when we bought her, her shell was pyramiding like it is now, i understand with a healthy diet and suppliments, this will correct itself, it was just that she was so funny when we were choosing, that it didn't matter about her shell, we just had to look after her! gwendoline is a climber, i don't even know how she's managed to scale plants and bits of corkwood. In the old tortoise table they lived in, she used bradleys shell to stand on, when bradley was sitting on a big rock, to poke her head over the top of the table!! (i moved them to a new table after that day!) we have to be careful with gwens eating, she'll eat everything in her path, bradley gets no food if she's near so we seperate the torts and gwen will finish everything on her slate. i have so many great videos of gwendoline, she's given me hours of smiles, i can't wait till i move house soon to give them a permanent fixture in the garden!

cheers for looking!

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This is Florence when I first got my leopards. Florence at the time of pic weighed 7.5oz and 10cm

This is Florence now 812g and 18cm in length

Florence is Male (started off being female hence the name), he was extremely shy when I 1st got him, but is very confident now though still likes his privacy when eating. He also much prefers the indoor enclosure where he is the big brave adventurous boy compared to the outdoor enclosure where he is much more cautious and skittish. Florence likes eating, sleeping and hiding with a little exploring when he feels safe.

This is both of the leos, Humphrey on the right, he was 7oz and 8cm when I first got him

A better pic of Humphrey, taken a few months later

This is Humphrey now he is now 1174g and 20cm in length

Humphrey started off very confident and a big explorer, though now he is very shy when aproached but confident when you are watching from a distance. He is the opposite to Florence and prefers outdoors where he is the big explorer and nosey to indoors where he will spend all his time in hiding, therefore gains lots of weight during the winter months. Humphrey likes eating, sleeping, eating again, exploring,eating and ramming his way through anything.

Thanks for looking

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Default My Leopards

Honey (fostered)

Lily (rehomer)

Albert (rehomer)

Heathrow Leopards (rehomers)

Ringo (rehomer)

Ringos friend (rehomer)


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geordie mark
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heres breif pics of my two baby leopards some charictar on them like full of energy and almost literally running about !

by the way these 2 are the same one !

a much older pic from when i first got him


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bobby- 3 year old leopard tortoise

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