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Has it ever been not wet at Glastonbury? It seems that every year I see pictures on the news of people in mud at Glastonbury. Why don't they switch with another festival and have it in August or something
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Goodness knows. Not my cup of tea at all - all those hot and heaving crowds, the mud, the people peeing in the fields because the queues for the filthy toilets are too long....let alone those busy enjoying the wacky-baccy and the balloons they like to inhale nowadays.
I've been told it's the 'atmosphere' people go for. Hmmm....I'd rather watch any good performers on the TV!

A couple of family members went last year and said the waste left behind is incredible - people leave their tents and all the contents - you name it they leave it and it takes weeks upon weeks to clear it all. I think they're resting the fields next year and holding it at Longleat instead.
They came and visited me straight after leaving Glastonbury and were delightfully fragrant in their non-showered state.

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lets face it cows are for fields and paint is for drying.

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