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Default New redfoot

Hello all. First post here
I recently got a baby redfoot, this is my first tort.
Ive got him in a viv with correct temp/humidity.
Anyway his shell has loads of tiny white spots/bumps and was just wondering if anyone can give me an idea of what it is?

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That's the natal part of the scute (the part he/she is hatched with). It's like that with all tortoises and just gives a little added camouflage when they are out eating in the wild. In the wild that will wear off eventually.

Very nice Cherryhead by the way

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Very cute little tort

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What an adorable little tort. Welcome to the world of tortoises.

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Thanks for the replys.
I've just been searching for the last hour about shell rot worrying.
Everything little thing he dose I worry and Google straight away lol
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