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Respect the traditions. What has being trussed up and lying on a block of ice in a chilled cabinet, perhaps for days or weeks without food got to do with tradition. Its to do with profit and what they can get away with.
But for international law, Tesco would doubtless sell, Rhino horn, tiger parts, elephant and other highly profitable lines.
I've been through China and seen it. Other groups have complained to Tesco. Same response, they have a very convenient answer. Respecting tradition.


Originally Posted by thunor View Post
I emailed Tesco's with regards to this after seeing 'THAT' video and I got a response today:

Thank you for your email.

We appreciate you are concerned about the animal welfare issues associated with the sale of turtles in China. We have a track record of considering evidence, working with others and listening to their concerns. As a result, we have made several significant improvements to the way turtles are sold in our stores, such as making sure that the way in which they are handled is to the highest possible standard.

This approach to animal welfare and the sale of live turtles - seeking out research, acting on it and educating customers - is unprecedented by any retailer operating in China and we hope that these actions will help to drive up standards throughout the supply chain.

Some organisations are asking us to stop selling live turtles completely. While we are committed to upholding the very important issue of animal welfare, we also need to balance different cultural attitudes, in this case respecting the different traditions, expectations and values on this issue that exists in China.

Turtles are a popular and traditional part of the Chinese diet and, having addressed these important animal welfare concerns, we continue to sell turtles in our stores in China.

Thank you for your interest.

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us at quoting TES9929791X.

Kind Regards

Melanie Newman
Customer Service Manager
Tesco Customer Service

So they are still doing it.......
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