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It's very difficult after any surgery as you just don't know what happens to you when you're asleep. I hope that your throat settles down soon as that must be very annoying. Roll on ten days post op so that you can relax more and enjoy sitting in the sun tortoise watching. x
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Yvonne G
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I hadn't visited the site for several months, and was sort of bummed to see there were only two new threads in all that time. But then I read about your troubles, Gordon. Sheesh! will it never end for you. I'm so sorry you're having to go through this. Here's hoping 'they' have fixed it all this time!

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Well as far as I'm concerned that's it now for a bit with luck.
The only operation that I know will be happening is one to do a tidy up job on all the scaring by a plastic surgeon at Bristol hospital as I look like I've been attacked by a large cat or something.

How are you Yvonne and all of your tortoises.
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