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I have never experienced pain like that b4 .
There were two sponges in there and as I suspect the dressing and sponge were stuck.
The nurses managed to get the first one out and as the one nurse was tugging on the other her face suddenly dropped and she pushed it back in promptly she stayed there holding it in and the other one rushed of to get a surgeon who by luck was on the ward as there were veins squirting blood out everywhere he did say we might need to go to surgery to tie them off but for once luck was on my side.
So after a lot of packing with gauze he finally got the blood to stop and get the other sponge out along with more of the red stuff.
So then the getting new sponge back in the surgeon started pushing it in and i had to get him to stop it was that painful so the nurse suggested lining it first with some sort of material that is moist and doesn't stitch which helped a lot so both bits are now in and I'm still stuck to the bed where I sweated so much and also because it hurts so much and the worst bit is have to go through it all again Thursday and then probably another two or three times a week till it heals.
Hope that made sense.

And again boy did it hurt.

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