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Well I'm home again and who the heck gets sepsis three times.
This time it affected me in a different way I wasn't sick and didn't get uncontrollable shivers but every joint in my body hurt to the point of not being able to move much for the first 24 hours.
Right the plan is Monday I will get the results from the MRI scan I had Friday and see if that shows up what infection is in there as the CT scan said nothing was there.
Then on Friday I will be going to see the the consultant who I already had appointment with and make a plan as to where we go from there.

As for the ct scan the chap who did it looked at it and sent it through the system and apparently there were no pockets of infection to be seen so the nurse came and told me the good news which most people would be happy with but how can you have a huge lump growing and they cant see it on the scan. Anyway with that news I thought I would have five minutes as sleep is a precious commodity in hospital so turned onto my side and settled down when I felt something move which I assumed was my dressing coming unstuck as doc had pulled it off earlier.
So five minutes later I could feel something wet running down my side so took a look and yep it was leaking puss out big time so called the nurse and she was well shocked and then we both laughed as she said the radiographer needs to go to speck savers as that must be coming from a big pocket. After me holding the sheet over it she cleaned me up and re dressed it and changed my bedding and went in search for a doctor who came and decided there was something there so arranged the mri.
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