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Originally Posted by Gordon View Post
Well I had a meeting yesterday with the surgeon and believe it or not all is looking good even though he got most of his hand inside and had a good old rummage about he couldn't find any infections.
It seems to be slowly healing up but is really driving me nuts its constantly sore/painful and my skin around it is really saying its had enough and has a constant uncontrollable itch which is one of the worst things as nowt worce than an itch you cant scratch.
When I had my foot surgery I had the worst itch imaginable two weeks after the Elastoplast dressing came off. My foot was swollen and purple from the contact dermatitis caused by an (up till then) unknown Elastoplast allergy, but it was still another week on until it became so unbearable I’d have allowed anyone to chop the end of my foot off. I’m not exaggerating. The itch wasn’t an itch but there was no other way of describing it. It was really, really painful!
I had to see an emergency Dr as it was unbearable and every little movement set it off. They prescribed ibuprofen gel but it did sweet FA. It was a severe localised reaction and I found all I could do was keep it cool and wait it out, but it was worse than the pain after the surgery.
I know my op isn’t at all comparable to what you’ve gone through, but I do empathise hugely with the itch.
My foot ended up going really bumpy and the skin went hard like rhino skin and then started to peel off in thick layers, which was painful as it’d catch. I just kept putting on petroleum jelly to keep it hydrated and elevate it but I know you can’t do that with your tummy.
I really, really hope the itch subsides quickly for you and everything gets back to normal. I bet you’ve forgotten what normal feels like!

However, it is great news that the surgeon is happy with things this time. Hallelujah! Long may it continue until you’re all healed and can start to look forward to Christmas, after the horrid one you had last year!
Ditto Clare!

Keep posting the positive news as it comes in, Gordon. Lovely to read that something is finally going the way it should have back in the spring. x
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