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Originally Posted by Gordon View Post
Emma if a few infections were my only problems I had to deal with I would feel a lot better than I do.
On top of my few problems I'm dealing with my father who as you know has dementia and is now in hospital with that and a undiagnosed heart problem kidney problem and an infection in his prostate and to be honest he is not in a good way so it never rains does it.
No, itís bloody pours. But, this is just one chapter. A long, horrible one admittedly, but there will be better times to come. Just keep doing what youíre doing and I admire your strength, especially when it comes to your dadís visits. I donít think this year is going down as one youíre going to ever want to remember but hopefully by the end of it you can consign it to the F-it bin and start to move forwards in a different way.
Itís just one of those times when you have to cherish the good people you have around you and the people you care most for and concentrate on looking after yourself. Sod everything else. It sounds harsh but Iíve been there and itís the only way to get through the tough stuff sometimes. xx
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