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Originally Posted by Gordon View Post
I'm crossing my fingers toes and anything else that I can at the moment.
I'm just so paranoid about getting another infection its starting to get to me now and I'm not sure how long I can keep a brave face on things to be honest.
I think weíre past the stage of a stiff upper lip and keeping your chin up. Itís okay to not be okay. Itís definitely okay to not be okay when a person has gone through what you have this year.
Thereís only strength in showing your concerns and not weakness. Youíve done a stellar job this far, Gordon! You should be bloody proud of getting through what youíve been through and knowing thereís still a way to go yet.
So many people rooting for you here!
Itís natural to get paranoid about it. I would too and I bet so would everyone else and the gods forbid anyone else going through anything remotely like what youíve been through.
When you need time to hibernate and get your head together in private then have it and when you need a laugh or words of encouragement, you know us lot wonít let you down.
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