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Originally Posted by Gordon View Post
Ok I'm home and wow never want to go through that again.
I didn't eat anything all the time I was in there (8 days) apart from some soup on the first two days.
Then totally lost my appetite which apparently was down to the bladder infection I had I constantly felt sick which is not nice and generally yuk.
So I'm now home with a vacuum pump on again which is the most annoying part but at least I'm up and about still not eating much but have made a start and I'm going to have a nice steak with loads of nothingness with it for tea as that's all I fancy.
Probably not a good idea to start with steak after 8 days of nothing but a bit of soup. Ease back into the eating and work you way up to the steak! Glad you've gotten to go home. Hope you keep improving.
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