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I'd never heard of a Shichon either until I discovered how good they are as therapy dogs. One of Chester's litter mates went to be a therapy dog in a special school and another went to a family with an autistic child. They're great little pups to have. Chester slept through the night from the first night. Hubby gets up at 5:45am so he'd take him outside then. He's past the chewing stage and although he's a bouncy ball of puppy fun still, he's maturing into a lively dog.
Let me know if you need the breeder's name. She isn't in Devon so possibly would be within your range of travel. Others in the litter went to Coventry, London and she had an enquiry from Guernsey. They're quite sought after which surprised me but it's the temperament and clever ability that makes them special little dogs. She doesn't overbreed and she rescues all sorts of lovely animals. Plus the parents of the litter and ones she's kept from previous litters are there and are so gorgeous.
Anyway, just pm me if you ever want me to contact her to ask her to make contact with you when/if she has any litters next year. x
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