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oh no ! we want to see the fluff ball ! resend them, or he is in hiding incognito CB

Originally Posted by emma_mcraf View Post
The other new addition to the family this year is Chester, my youngest son's therapy dog. He has brought so much love into the home and is adored by us all. The difference he has made to my son is incredible.

Here is Chester when he'd just arrived in the world:

This is him at 5 weeks old when we went to officially choose him and thus began our bonding weekly sessions until he came to live with us three weeks later:

The summer was full of puppy cuddles:

He's growing into a gorgeous dog. His colour has lightened with each trim and he will remain this gorgeous 'clotted cream' colour as the breeder likes to call it.

8 months ago my son was terrified of dogs. Now the pair of them are inseparable.

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