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Default Found Tortoise Stoke on Trent

Hi Everyone,
We have had a Tortoise handed into us that has been found in the Stoke on Trent area. This Tortoise has some distinctive markings to the shell so it is easily identifiable. We are asking for a photo ID to match to this Tortoise to reunite it with its rightful owner, and as I'm sure you all can understand, we don't want to go giving away too much information about it so that the right person does get their Tortoise back. If you are missing a Tortoise or know someone who is, please get in contact, as we would love reunite it with its owner.

Also, during the time we have been looking for the owner of this Tortoise, we have had an elderly gentlemen contact us about his Tortoise that is missing. He believes that the Tortoise has been stolen from his garden and from what we have been told, there are some suspicious circumstances surrounding the disappearance of this Tortoise. He has had the Tortoise from 1982 and it went missing around 3 weeks ago. It is a adult male T.graeca with some dents and knocks on his shell which do make him easy to identify.
We are asking people to keep their eyes and ears open for any strange adverts or someone giving away a Tortoise.
We have all the contact information and a photo of this Tortoise here with us as the gentlemen doesn't have access to the internet.

Thank you for reading,
HD Reptiles.
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