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Originally Posted by lonelylayla View Post
Think I'm the other way round Would be happy to rate an overall thread - we do have some crackers Wonder if rating posts would eliminate the friendly banter, which is a bonus to the viewer
I was thinking more from the advice point of view, if individual posts were rated, you'd know (as a newbie) how valuable the advice is. Therefore, in any problematic situation you might find, you can quickly eliminate the not so good answers, when you're new, everything seems plausible. When you've been around a while and read debates etc, you learn those you'd trust for advice and those to take with a pinch of salt.

Originally Posted by stells View Post
Corr you lot don't want much do you

If you can convince me that this would have a positive effect on the forum then please do... And I will put it to the site owners.

I am always sceptical on things like this as it usually turns into a competition on who can get the most ratings.

So pros and cons please.
As above, you can weed out good advice from not so good advice,
You can rate comments on the fun factor/humour in them.

People will get offended for either of the above reasons,
It could turn into a competition as you said.

So I've cancelled out mine with 2 of each!!

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