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He is big for a 5 year spur, unless photos are large, lovely tortoise. Maybe sack your vet or look at their credentials. Mr Spur has a naturally over grown beak which would be kept back in the wild as they will eat foods, calcium which would keep in check but us TK's feed nice and soft weeds. It should be clipped, which a vet or someone with a bit of confidence can do easily enough. The sides look like they have grown down excessively also but can't see too well on the images.
If you have normal human nail clippers you can just clip it back to the edges of the beak to the jaw line - leave a little overhang if not too sure. The sides can also be clipped back with nail clippers...if a little nervous then perhaps you local society can help out. it'll take a few clips at different angles, go slow and they will hide. Best way to counter that is stand tortoise upright and he may put his head out.
He will start to struggle to eat if not done and also it'll become a habit to eat hesitantly or could cause a rub on the jaw line and abscess form. Don't panic but try get it done soon, for the big guy, CB
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