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hello there T 1974. I am afraid some tortoises can be very territorial and sounds like your ST is one of those ! I am not sure you can curb behaviour , as they are defending territory and also inquisitive by nature , so you can never be completely sure which day he will bite or feed. Biting is probably going to be any day ending in Y I suggest , but you could put some scaffold boards around him and build a nice pen, plenty of distractions and hiding places where he can not get near anyone. My Ibera male is the same. He can even feel the vibrations on his decking if I stand on it and will speed over his food just to get at my feet or hands and then go back to it. They are loving reptiles but it can be a problem especially with older people as they oldies can become fearful. If it doesn't work out then perhaps consider rehoming to a person with lots of space also. You will need 5 posts to have them appear live time on here. CB
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