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Default Hi, new to forum

Hi all, just joined the forum so may take me a while to find my feet. Little bit of our background on our tortoises.

We have 10 adult redfoots(3.7.0), 3 juveniles at 2yrs old(0.0.3) and 1 hatchling coming up to 8 wks old, we had 2 but unfortunately my 1st hatchling unexpectedly past at 9wks old about 3wks ago.

We also have a group of homes hingebacks(2.3.0) I did have a forth female but she passed 3wks ago(same week as the redfoot hatchling). Gone through the mill lately . We had a postmortem done and basically she had a blockage in the esophagus.(a slug). Good news is we recently hatched out 3 clutches of homeana to 3 different females giving us 10 hatchlings. These guys are thriving and are about 8wks old now. 3 of them are from the female I lost, so her legacy carries on. I've also got another of her clutch in the incubator.(fingers crossed). We have 15 more homes eggs cooking too. Oh yeah, nearly forgot, 2 days ago one of our homeana eggs unexpectedly pipped(like 5 wks early). It was twins that didn't survive, they were dead before hatching.
Phew, that was a bit detailed for the first post.


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