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Default Possible reluctant rehoming - 9 Horsfields

Hi guys, I want to start by saying how much I love tortoises. I've always had tortoises since I was a small child and think they are the best animals around so please know how much I hate that I'm even writing this.

I am considering rehoming my group of 9 Horsfields. They are all healthy and have a great life. They live outdoors in SW Cornwall from May to October and have enough space to live as wild animals. I've always been very proud of how well I keep them, but a time is coming where I think I may not be able to look after them so well and give them the outdoor space they need.

With this in mind I am considering rehoming them.

They are between four and 10 years old, and a mixture of males and females.

I'm just putting this out to the best tortoise community I know of to see if anyone has any suggestions or interest in rehoming one, some or all of them.

I will use that to make a decision on what to do.

Thanks for reading.

I love my tortoises, Glastonbury (And most other festivals) and Leonard Cohen.
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