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Originally Posted by Gordon View Post
As you have now seen my little hole and have given me a good telling off I strangely feel a bit happier
So off to hospital to see what they have to say about things.
The one thing I'm dreading is that I will need another operation as the hole I showed you goes in even deeper today and has quite a cavity inside which I can only assume is not good and before you tell me off yes I did use a sterile plastic measuring thing the nurse gave me so I can monitor what it's doing over the weekend.

I'm sat here feeling sorry for myself and my youngest daughter and her friend who is staying over for a while have just bought a bucket full of frogs and toads in which has made me smile.
And also evicted one of the Burmese browns out of their tent.
You know, I felt happier when you called it your ‘pussy hole’. I knew what you meant but that put a smile on my face today.
I really hope you won’t need more surgery and you’re totally within your rights to ask what assurances they can offer that further surgery will not lead to more infections and more holes as the last two have.
Let’s hope they can slow the pace of this infection down quickly so the hole doesn’t get any deeper.

Lovely your daughter and her friend cheered you up. Sometimes it’s the simple things that matter - a bucket of frogs and toads and the image of them chasing out a burmese brown. I love that!

Keep plodding on. You will get there in the end. Nothing lasts for ever and this horrid little chapter will end too eventually.
Anyway, you’ve promised us you’re cooking something special. It had better not be any more infections but something shelled and with wrinkled knees.
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