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Originally Posted by Gordon View Post
Ok this is getting well boring now.

Surprise surprise I have yet another infection so back on antibiotics.
The hole from the cellulitis has gone from the diameter of a pen insert to the diameter of the pen now and that happened overnight and now has a depth of 5cm in depth.
I feel like my belly is taking the Michael now and I'm more than fed up.
Have you heard anything from the hospital yet?
They bang on about superbugs becoming resistant to antibiotics and yet youíve practically lived on them since December! Scary when you think what would they do if they couldnít give you antibiotics isnít it?
Really take it easy, G. We donít want another high temperature scenario and time back in hospital. The nurses will be doing a sweepstake on which one you like best as you canít stay away!

And donít forget you pay your taxes, you deserve this medical care.
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