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Hallmork 03-08-2017 11:10 AM

Horsefield tortoise
A couple years ago I did a delivery to a house and saw a tortoise in a 3x2 fish tank, I mentioned that I kept tortoises years ago, and would be interested in buying it. I didn't want it but could see it was not in the best condition. She told me to take it, which I did.
Its a horsefield and had been kept in the tank over 8 years. His shell is deformed and curling up, and doesn't cover him completely. Hes like a big kid in a little tshirt.

I've had him since then, and he has the run of the garden. he doesn't hibernate very well, dont think he was ever hibernated.
But now im having to spend more time away from home especially in winter.
If someone would like to give him a good home, He deserves the best after his start in life.
Hes around 12 year old, Im not sure if its a male, but I renamed him Trevor. I've had him micro chipped.
Im in South Devon.

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