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itzSammeh 14-03-2018 01:11 PM

Hello and thank you!

My name is Sam and i thought it was about time to put a message to say thanks for all the advice over the years.

My horsefield tort Rocket has thrived because of all the advice given on this thread. So i thought i would make an account and try to get a bit more involved with this cool community of tort lovers!

Thanks again!

Jan W 17-03-2018 12:51 PM

Hello Sam and welcome to contributing by posting.

Look forward to seeing a picture of Rocket.

How old? Male of female?

CherryBrandy 17-03-2018 02:53 PM

welcome Sammeh and Rocket - nice of you to post and tell us all ! We aim to help and try to inject some humour in as well as it can be a dry subject for new, old and mojo keepers - always learning on here and lots about the weather too! CB

tortydat 17-03-2018 09:40 PM

Hello Sam and Rocket and welcome to SW.

emma_mcraf 17-03-2018 09:58 PM

What a lovely introductory post.
Welcome to you and Rocket! :-)

Suze65 19-03-2018 08:32 PM

Hello Samm and rocket, and welcome.

ClaireG 21-03-2018 02:44 PM

Hello Sam & Rocket! I'm new to the forum too & new to keeping torts so all advice welcome!
ClaireG. 😀
Stephen and Speilburg, testudo graeca. (Waiting to post photos soon so the talented people on here can help with exactly what they are?!)

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